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Hiatus Not By Design

Been a while. Thank you for your patience. We’re happy to say it will pay off (and the Facebook page and Twitter account has been very active), but at the same time independent film production isn’t what it used to be.

As you undoubtedly know, Speaking In Code, the techno movie that is not about techno, continues its pursuit. The confluence of industries and economic crises has produced an absolute flood of film producers, and vice-versa. There is no end to the amount of documentaries and a very particular limit to those who can release them in the traditional way.

It’s been seen with most of the different docs produced in 2009. From Anvil to For The Love of Movies and beyond, many producers have to resort to self-release to hope their film gets seen. Like many systems in this economic transformation, the rules are changing, and quite rapidly. While we develop this system of self-release, you, our fine fans, are kept waiting.

The good news is that the feature film is still stellar. We will be releasing a DVD in the coming months, but not before treating you to some of the extras and outtakes of the film. With every outtake we release, another option to pre-order the DVD will also be unveiled.

Or so we hope. This is a new world of movie production–a world without standard distribution, where everyone can share their slice of reality, where everyone’s story is their own. It seems quite scary, but it’s also one that is imminent. Thank you for your patience.

Been a while, but the forward movement of electronic music and the dance scene had propelled itself to new heights. Most crucially is the propagation of bandwidth. No longer is the size of a file so difficult. In fact, streaming has become the norm. And, for beat-lovers and dance heads around the world, the thought of an endless “radio” tuned to great music is quite perfect.

So here are five recent streams from SoundCloud, an excellent idea for streaming that has very much taken hold.

Todd Terje - 3 Hour Set, Big Chill Festival

Warmhq is a booking company in London. Their roster is pique, their knowledge of Soundlcloud even better. Here’s a live mix from slo-mo disco king Todd Terje.

PanTone - Live in Reykjavik 2009

Kompakt has a slow-moving account which features this former Canuck feeling it in Iceland.

John Daly - Sept ‘09 Mix

Forward Management is one of the few US agencies that has picked up on the brilliance of SoundCloud. John Daly is the next big thing.

Gudding - November Horror Set

There was quite a lot of talk about “horror disco” this year, and with good reason. The darkness of our economic times combined with the history of dance music equals this. To wit, Gatekeeper is the featured act atThunderdome’s first-ever New Year’s Eve party.

Despite the times, circumstance and independence, there is a DVD coming soon of the film. Stay tuned at the Facebook address or Twitter (@sicfilm) for the latest info.

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  1. Torley Says:

    Friendly greetings and thankful to hear this update! I wondered why I didn’t have an easier time finding the DVD, and turns out it’s what you described above. SIC ‘em and get your beats on! :D

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