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Back From Europe

sQuare productions is back from an extended trip in Europe. The pics will go up on Flickr slowly but surely. These photos are taken by Amy (and Scott) as they bounced between Berlin, Koln, Hamburg, Jena and Amsterdam. All told, our crew filmed another 65 hours of tape, which brings the total to over 200 hours of footage on the people and the network creating the new amazing music that is seeping into the popular market.

The stories include: the tale of Wighnomy Brothers, and how their small East German community is absorbing their astonishing success; the family of artists surrounding Kompakt and their ever-widening international brand; the centered world of BPitch Control and the support they recieve from their boss Ellen Allien plus everything around and between it all.

We couldn’t do it without friends like co-producer Philip Sherburne, distribution company Forced Exposure, our director of photography Scott Sans and everyone who attended the benefit and contributed online. Thanks everyone.

sQuare is on WERS this coming Wednesday, where I’ll play music from the film and talk about our events around town. You can listen on the Internet from anywhere in the world, so perhaps you can tune in via their website. It’s pretty easy. The show starts at Midnight EST Wednesday. The show is called Revolutions and it’s one of the longest-running electronic music programs in America. I did a story on them for the Phoenix a little while back. Read it here. Thanks to DJ Gina Turner for the invite.

OK. So, this by no means ends our trek to make the definitive non-techno techno documentary. We still need dough, we still need the support. If you have donated more than $100, we need to get you a DVD. Please let us know where to send it via email. We’ll get to everyone soon, but a note would expedite the process. The DVD is from the screening, and includes six brilliant segments and three bonus interviews. Any donation of $100 or more gets you the DVD and a Special Thanks credit in the movie. So, you know, give it up.

We are not going to be putting these clips online, they will be yours to keep exclusively.

tapes and tapes

As director Amy Grill put it in a recent email:

“At this point, we are looking for post-production funds, most of the film has been shot over the last year (nearly 220 hours of verite, character follow, travel, performance and interview footage). We are also seeking another experienced producer for the film who can focus soley on fundraising and business dealings. Other than that we are looking for serious long term commitment from talented young editors to log tape, compile rough cut segments and work in exchange for deferred payment and/or on screen credit depending on credentials, skill and dedication.

If you are interested in contributing financially (even small donations) that would be much appreciated - we have a grassroots fundraising effort going online - we can’t finish the film without the support of those who would like to see the film made.”


As mentioned above, Kompakt is turning outwards to the world. For years, they have kept within the Kรถln family, bringing in the occasional help from the outside. But now, the glistening techno sound is being transferred to different nationalities and styles. Matias Aguayo, John Dahlback from Sweden, Oxia from France and, most recently, the astonishing sounds of Gui Boratto from Brazil.

Boratto played live in Barcelona, is part of the upcoming Total 7 2CD release and, most importantly, has a full-length coming out on Kompakt this winter. Boratto is part of what I like to call Patagonica — that high, crisp, chiming techno that comes from Southern South America. Luciano, Villalobos, Pier Bucci and so forth. Lovely, deep, melodic and micro-nique. Throughout Boratto’s live set, for one, he kept triggering the sound of thunderstorms, it was so dope.

Here Kompakt gets directly involved as Supermayer. Supermayer is a somewhat hilarious name of the remix duo Superpitcher and Michael Mayer. Drawing inspiration from their old trance days the two construct this tweetering, clattering pop song complete with hooks, hand-claps and processed vocals. The song gets premeire placement on Total 7, the soon-to-be hit compilation and the latest in the stunning Total series from the techno geniuses. The set drops 22 August.

You can buy the 12″ here (or here in hi-def 320kbps) for now.

Gui Boratto - “Like You (Supermayer Remix)”

I just want to be like you / I don’t care what people say

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  1. modyfier Says:

    it must be nice to see all your efforts starting to take form. with the reductive process ahead (whittling the qualitative from the quantitative through editing and production), i wish you all the best of luck. there are those of us out there who have been following the making of the movie with as much interest as we will give attention to the final cut. thank you for making this process available.

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