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1. The Knife - Marble House (5:18)
2. Jennygoesdirty - Amoureux Solitaires (Original (5:24)
4. Modeselektor - Fake Emotion (Dabrye rmx) (4:26)
5. Modeselektor - Dancing Box (Sleeparchive rmx) (10:12)
6. Revlon9 - Revlon9 - Walking Machine (sebastian Remix) (3:50)
7. the doors - hello i luv u (freeland mix) (8:04)
8. Pan Pot And Daniel Stefanik - daniel stefanik - the bells-b (8:07)
9. Pan Pot And Daniel Stefanik - pan-pot - black currant-a (7:40)
10. Infadels - can’t get enough (jagz kooner remix) (7:50)
11. Infadels - can’t get enough (mekon remix) (4:34)
12. Akufen - a1 - 2.1 (6:36)
13. Akufen - b1 - 2.0 (6:09)
14. Akufen - b2 - 2.2 (8:25)
15. Akufen - b1 - 1.1 (6:57)
16. Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere (3:42)
17. Debaser - Crazy Baldheads (4:49)
18. Salif Keita - Yamore (Luciano mix) (12:21)
19. Talib Kweli Feat. Mos Def, Jay - Get By Remix (Remix) (5:43)


sQuare productions’ Amy Grill returned from Sundance last week empty-handed… which is a good thing.

Grill, Speaking In Code’s Director/Producer, left Boston with 22 CD/DVD promotional packets. At Sundance she met up with Jason and his team.

The DVD, a broader, four-minute version of our teaser trailer, with footage from our first visit to Köln, Montreal and tape from San Francisco. The CD contained the following:

1. Sascha Funke Forms and Shapes (Lawrence Mix)
2. The MFA The Difference It Makes
3. Isolee Enrico
4. Baxendale I Built This City (Michael Mayer Remix)
5. Robag Wruhme Wuzzelbud KK
6. Rex the Dog I Look Into Mid Air
7. Rainbow Bright The Rollah
8. Akufen Deck the House
9. Justus Kohncke 2 After 909
10. Wighnomy Brothers Wombat
11. Nathan Fake The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)
12. Gas (Wolfgang Voigt) Untitled

The idea was to give interested parties an teaser of the film and an intro the kind of music we’re referencing in the movie. Clearly, there is a long list of music we would like to include but at this point it is a reasonable sampling. sQuare got familiar with Sundance, how it physically works, and shored up a bunch of great contacts in the process. Some people (Americans aching for a new sound, no doubt) we’re quite thrilled with just the CD even.

The packets were dispersed with a quickness.

To be sure this film is less about the kind of music — the specifics of the sound — and more about the characters that make it and what happens to them: how they contribute to each other’s work and how they get their music, and message, to the masses.

At this exact moment, we are watching the footage from our second visit to Köln. On the screen: artist and editor Tobias Thomas, artist and editor Philip Sherburne, certified legend Wolfgang Voigt and pop star-to-be Superpitcher (who heads to NYC February 9). It all looks great.

I can’t wait to see the footage from Jena.

Speaking of Köln, we were fowarded a link to a DVD about the scene coming from the very festival we filmed, c-o pop. It is another survey DVD, (like the monthly Slices DVD, which is a promotional vehicle for T-Mobile) and is a good overview.

Speaking in Code is not an overview. It is, if you will, an underview of how a group of artists, doing something new with music, struggle to get heard by setting up a network outside of the mainstream, without compromising their intergrity. And it’s not a DVD. It’s a movie.

It all sounds high-falutin, for sure, but there are some genuinely funny moments on film and some genuinely charismatic characters to take you there.

For now, we plan to film the Wighnomy Brothers, from the shire of Jena, as they play North America for the first time. And we’ve begun preparations to visit the scene as it coalesces each year in Miami around the WMC and the M3 Summit.

The music of Gas, one of Wolfgang’s numerous aliases, has come up a number of times in our travels and with good reason. For many of these characters, Gas represents the purest techno ever made: just sound. A few people have said Wolfgang went on hiatus because he couldn’t do any better: Gas was his perfect achievement.

Maybe they’re right.

Gas, and much of Wolfgang’s output, is long out of print, a result of limited pressings or bankrupt record labels. Some of it has been resurrected at Kompakt’s MP3 site. Worth seeking out.

As a sample, here’s the first track from Königsforst, Voigt’s second album as Gas on the now-deceased mille plateaux label. All the songs are untitled, which further ads to its artistry.

Gas - "Untitled"

Turn it up.

PS: For those of you in Boston, we have a new night starting up on Wednesdays called FREE THE DJ, wherein we invite our favorite DJs to spin whatever they want, their influences, their inspirations and their secret hits. It’s free at ZuZu in Central Square and starts this Wednesday. They have a phat new soundsystem too.

This week it’s DJ RNDM.

Updates here and also here.


1. Aly-us - Follow Me (Club Mix) (6:23)
2. Aly Us - Follow Me (4:13)
3. The Beloved & Nathan Fake - Sweet Harmony (Kosmas Epsilon & Zorz Northern People Bootleg Mix) (8:51)
4. Modeselektor - Dancing Box feat TTC (4:01)
5. The Egg - Walking Away (6:47)
6. Soulwax - 03 Ny Lipps (Kawazaki Dub) (5:39)
7. luomo - tessio (7:18)
8. Sascha Funke - Original (6:11)
9. Sascha Funke - Paul Kalkbrenner Mix (4:22)
10. Monolake - Invisible (7:45)
11. Monolake - Force (8:35)
12. Hugg And Pepp - Tuba (7:00)
13. Hugg And Pepp - Bas (5:22)
14. Akufen - Deck the House (6:05)
15. Robag Wruhme - Wuzzelbud Kk (6:09)
16. Sascha Funke - a1 sascha funke - forms & shap (6:09)
17. luomo & raz ohara - give it away (4:55)
18. Akufen - Deck The House (6:05)
19. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden (9:23)
20. Justus Köhncke - Justus Köhncke - 2 After 909 (5:24)


Director Amy Grill and DP Scott Sans returned from Germany this weekend with a host of brilliant stories and 25 more hours of footage to add to the Speaking in Code archives. More to come at our website.

Co-producer Philip Sherburne, Earplug editor and Pitchfork columnist, also flew in from Barcelona. His post on the trip is here.

Thanks to Monolake, Sascha Funke, Modeselektor and BPitch Control, Dubplates and Mastering and Kompakt Records for letting us back into their world for some follow-up on an extraordinary organization.

Kompakt star Superpitcher returns to NYC at the Canal Room Thursday 9 February. Sleep not. (His mix CD Today was one of the year’s finest).

Big shoutout to the Jena-based duo the Wighnomy Brothers (illustration above) and their label family who hosted our camera crew for three days: setting up trips to the mountains, dinners and being about as hospitable as a label could be. Jena is a town of 100,000+ in Southeast Germany where the DJ duo set up their label Freude-am-Tanzen (Joy-In-Dancing). The F-A-T Record Shop (Fat Plastics), the Kassablanca club and the label make up an organization deep inside Germany who are creating a kind of communist/techno utopia.

The label is more than the Wighnomys of course, and has a depth of talent and personality. Artists like Metaboman, Mathias Kaden and Marek Hemmann all make their home at F-A-T.

In even bigger news, The Wighnomy Brothers are coming to North America. Averse to participate in our capitalist system, and uncomfortable with the English language in general (their East German roots show in both their label philosophy and language preference), the Wighnomys are headed to Montreal Saturday 25 February.

Book your hotel rooms now. sQuare is making plans to be there. You should too.

The event is being sponsored, in part, by the Mutek organization. Their mailing list is here.

Monolake (aka Robert Henke) is the brilliant creator of Abelton Live, the music production program that many of these artists use. Henke gave our cameras a decent outline of the program’s fascinating facets.

He is also a producer of music and one of the better-known techno acts here in the US, having recently toured on a visit to the Decibel festival out in Seattle.

His music is deeper than most because his knowledge is deeper than all. Monolake’s music is from another place beyond pop, beyond disco and some would say beyond techno. From 2005, the deep and seductive "Invisible":

Monolake - "Invisible"

Amy and Producer Jason Redmond head to Sundance 2006 on Thursday to further establish funding and distribution contacts.

The story continues…


Back to the grind in the New Year. 2006 is shaping up to be something special in the sQuare world.

First off, Speaking in Code is making great progress overseas on our second trip into Germany. Director/Producer Amy Grill is sending limited blackberry texts, but each one tends to make me more jealous than the previous. "It’s awesome here" (in reference to our second visit to the great city of Koln) and "Loads of great stuff here" (in reference to Berlin and Monolake) and "Modeselektor freaking rocks"

Modeselektor is a DJ duo on BPitch Control who have recently crossed over into production, floating the brilliant Hello, Mom! in 2005, which was just nominated as album of the year at Qwartz. The pair specialize in a kind of garbage-bag techno that splices elements from Grime, Hip-Hop, Booty Bass, Detroit, Acid and all sorts of other genres until it becomes junkfunk. Their DJ sets are absolutely mad as well. sQuare caught them on the ground in Berlin and visited the BPitch offices alongside co-producer Philip Sherburne.

One of the gems from the new CD is the lead-off track which features the vocal stylings of French Hip-Hop act TTC. We’ve long held out that French hip-hop is the next to blow and TTC are one of the reasons why. The combination is ruthless:

Modeselektor - "Dancing Box (Feat. TTC)"

It’s so ill sQuare soundsystem member Erik Pearson played it during our night at the Enormous Room without skipping a beat. Needless to say Erik was skilled in the mix. So much he had me asking "What is this?" after I had had the CD for about 3 months.

Their new remix 12" out soon features work from the massively buzzing sleeparchive and the superkid from Ghostly records: Dabrye.

We’ve also been keeping busy with our allies over at the Boston Phoenix who have been really happy with the way Circuits is being read. Thanks to everyone who has been reaching out to let us know what is up around town. Always reciprocated.

Circuits in the Boston Phoenix

And it’ll go out to the email list but this Wednesday we’re doing a night at ZuZu in Central sQuare with Unlocked Groove’s Six Million Dollar Dan. We’re also on for Make It New this Thursday at the Middlesex and Pan Am Fridays at Enormous Room.